Esa Vassoio

38 x 33cm Esa Vassoio Hexagon Tray Large Glass Serving Platter Glass Tray

SKU: GLA-113


38 x 33 cm Esa Vassoio Hexagon Tray Large Glass Serving Platter Glass Tray


  • Clear
  • 38 x 33cm
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • The secret of our glass is in the purity of the raw materials
  • Ranked as “extra white”, our glass can boast:
  • The complete absence of impurities;
  • Entirely colourless and appreciated for its high brilliance
  • A transparency that reaches more than 92 %, with a 3 mm thickness
  • 100% recyclable, thanks to the total absence of lead
  • Solid, heat-resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Tests have shown the chemical stability of the glass:
  • Resistant to hydrolytic attacks (III hydrolytic class, Din 12111/ISO 719 norm)
  • Certified, higher than average, mechanical resistance to dishwashing, so will not cloud after years of use (ENV 12875-1 norm)
  • Ranked in category “A” therefore suitable for any contact with food, including sterilization (ISO 7086/1999;EC/94/62; D.M. 21.03.1973 and subsequent changes)
  • Thermal shock tests as per UNI9303, where glass products are heated in a traditional oven to 90°C and then immediately immersed in running water, have proven that Vetri delle Venezie glass tolerates a 70°C heat shock
  • Glass is microwave safe
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