Pink Diamond Shape Modern Look Plant Pot Indoor / Outdoor 2.4 Litre Planter

SKU: YAK-114


Modern Plant Pots

This modern Plant Pot is perfect for all purpose planting, you can plant a wide range of Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables.

Smart enough to use both indoors or outdoors

The Plant pot has 2 parts 2 it. The removable tray has a water reserve

Its 17cm Wide and 16cm tall, so you can plant most vegetables out there and let the roots expand healthily

Made from durable plastic, lightweight and strong, with sturdy walls, and rippled walls means that it won't crack and will it last for many planting seasons. 

Floor of pot is solid,but drain holes can easily be drilled at the intended places, if necessary.

It is a modern design flower pot with its diamond pattern and angular structure. Easy to use with its new generation water tank, it is a practical pot. It offers a rich look to all your flowers with its different colors and sizes. Our products are resistant to UV rays and frost in all kinds of weather conditions. It can be used outdoors for a long time.  It is made of high quality durable plastic material that is resistant to all weather conditions.

 With the new generation water discharge channels, it traps excess water in the flower pot. Your flowers can use the water requirement from the reservoir for a long time.



  • Width :16 cm
  • Height :17 cm 
  • Capacity 2.4 Litres
  • Weather resistant
  • Break Resistant
  • 2 Parts of plant pot for water reservoir 
  • Gloss Plastic
  • Diamond Shape Finish
  • Made in Turkey


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